A Quiet Read

Moths and Men - Hollis Shiloh

There are very few writers who can make me read stories as short as Hollis Shiloh. A soldier from returned from Vietnam that is lost and totally alone walks into the diner and his life changes. That sounds exciting and big and dramatic but really with Hollis Shiloh it's quiet and subtle and lovely and hunted. Hollis Shiloh created characters who say more not speaking then speaking. There was it was a muted, loveliness about the whole read. If I had any quibbles it would be the fact that this story takes place after the Vietnam War or near the end but it kept feeling like the end of World War II. When they turned on the television or ate pizza I was always shocked out of a 50’s vibe into the 70s.

I'll say what I always say, Please Shiloh give me longer, longer reads. Nobody but nobody could make me read anything this short but Shiloh.