Weak X-Files

Wolfsbane - K.C. Burn

This This is one of those situations when I honestly can't say whether I liked the book or not. I know I did not like the pacing and the lack of sense of place in the first half of the book. The second-half definitely moved better. It actually made me feel more involved and I began to like the three MCs. 

(spoiler) I really wanted more information about the portals and the things that came through them. Once Adam was kidnapped we still didn't get a lot of information about who these creatures were. What where trying to accomplish. We don't even know what they really look like. I mean did they look like werewolves? Did they look like wolves? Did they look like monsters? It just didn't give us a lot of details. (end of Spoiler)  Okay I got it now, it really felt like a bad X-Files episode or a good SyFy channel episode of Warehouse 13 and Haven. If the two sequels were about Adam and Carmichael I might read them but alas they are about two different sets of characters.

If this series gets better somebody tell me and I'll check it out.one of those situations when