Cole & Jeremy

Understanding Jeremy - A.M. Arthur

I love the feeling you get when you pick up a sequel and you immediately step right back into the story. You immediately reconnect with the characters and you're tickled pink to spend more time with them. Well that's the way it felt when I started reading Understanding Jeremy (Discovering Me #2). Cole has been living with Jeremy now for a short while. Jeremy doesn't have any idea how to tell Cole how much he loves him and how much he wants him to stay. That's pretty much what was happening in the first book but just because the first book ended didn't mean the story was over. One of the things I really connected to was the fact that A M Arthur did not solve all of Cole's problems with an ‘I love you’.  He still has demons to battle and luckily for him Jeremy is in his corner.


Yeah it's sweet. But hey, what's wrong with a little sweet every now and then.