Bring It On

Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price

Holy moly Camp Hell was really fun. I honestly believe Vic Bayne is the most bumbling character I've ever loved. I love his inner voice, oh it's precious. Now Jacob, he makes me so happy.  I love Vic's interactions with Jake, yes I just in joy it. Now I do not normally like conspiracy theory stories which is what this is but Vic needs me walk him through his paranoiac adventures. I just want Vic to succeed; I want him to be happy. I want both Jacob & Vic to be safe. This times around Vic explorers his repressed memories about Camp Hell.


I do have one little quibble, why is Vic so afraid of people finding out he's queer as he says. It's a world that accepts there are mediums, psychics, telekinetic people and all that other stuff and they're still worried about someone being gay? What the what? I think what it is about Vic and Jacob in general I adore so much is because they're not in their 20s. These are grown man with a hot, hot passion for each other.


Bring it on what's next