Good Stuff

Secrets - Jordan Castillo Price

Sometimes when you read a book you can just say, "That was a good read." Well this was a good read. We have all the same cast of characters; yeah it was good to see Lisa again. I have to be honest I don’t think I like Crash but I understand his existence.


Vic and Jacob have moved into their new home. Vic is still trying to get himself together. There is a moment in this book when Vic actually is strong and he knows what he wants even if he's wrong. Of course he reverts back to bumbling Vic. I think he is a complete and total hot-mess. I want his to feel like a winner and in control of his life eventually by the end of this series. Fingers crossed.


We spent most of our time between their new home and a senior citizen residence. I have to be honest most sex scenes just become overdone or ridiculously repetitive after a while but the scenes between Vic and Jacob are really, really hot.