Deeper - Sean Michael

The love affair between Sean Michael and myself has gotten a little spotty lately. His book list is more miss than hits nowadays, and I really, really am a Sean Michael fan. I feel one of the strengths of the Hammer series was the time Sean Michael took with his two main characters. Yes, yes, there's a lot of sex and a lot of one word sentences - Love. Need. Mine. - and so on but there was something that just worked, if that's what you were looking for. Lately his stories have gotten too short and lost their heft and everything just falls into place way too easily. Michael's works best when his characters have major hurdles to climb before they can get together. When there are more obstacles blocking the two main characters from that perfect love situation then love and the sex is the payoff.

Charley T talked me into trying Deeper. Rich, angry, boy sub meets wealthy, mellow man Dom. This is a better example of Shawn Michael doing what he does well to a point. There was a lot left open-ended. I was totally not happy with the abrupt ending.




There were things left that really drove me nuts: Johnny needed to reconnect with those Doms and subs that he argued with and fought with before the story started. How did he settle the situation with his family? Is all the money his? Is any of the money his? Does he go to cooking school? The ending just made me say WHAT???