Revamped Stepford

Bliss - Lisa Henry

If I could read a book as well written as Bliss once a week I would be the happiest, happiest person in the world. The writing team of Henry & Belleau created a utopian world in the city of Tophet. Rory and Tate meet in an unfortunate way and of course things just get worse and worse. Tate is fitted with a chip that takes away his freedom of choice. Rory has to open his eyes and make hard choices concerning what kind of a person he wants to be.


For me this story worked. Yes, at times it had a Twilight Zone quality to it. At other times I had the feeling I was reading a truly horrific view of a revamped version of The Stepford Wives. The discovery of the bad guy was not much of a surprise. The good were good and the bad word bad in the tale. I would have enjoyed a more in-depth discovery of why they (the bad guys) created these chips, how they truly justified their existence and actions. I was preparing myself for a sad ending and somehow I think I might have been able to except one in this situation.


Yep, I enjoyed this one; it was the winner for me.