Satisfied Me

The Gentleman's Madness - Summer Devon, Bonnie Dee

The writing teams of Dee & Devon have satisfied me with The Gentleman and the Rogue. A Gentleman's Madness is another winner for me. Sam Tully works and cares for the patients at Fairpark Asylum. It is there he meets the professor.  John Gilliam has been committed by his well-meaning family for crimes against nature when he was caught performing a homosexual act. We meet a cast of characters good and bad who are the backdrop for their growing relationship. Three pages in I was worried about both Gilliam & Tully. Tully was instantly likable and his compassion toward his wards was well written. Dee & Devon don't depend on sex to propel the story nor do they use it as filler. It was honest & shall I say clean.

This was so very satisfying.