Worth Reading

Worth Keeping - Susan Mac Nicol

I have no memory of where or who introduced me to worth keeping but I have to say thank you. On a stormy night at the top of the cliff we meet Nick. A sad, lonely lost man. He has experienced serious abuse in his childhood and survival even though he's an adult Is still a challenge. Owen comes into his life one night and things change. As these to come together there are highs and lows and even when they become a couple the words, I love you do not solve their problems. When they are together, when they're trying to be there for each other it's incredibly sweet and moving. There is angst but it's well-placed and it's the whole nightmare know they have to overcome or become strong enough to handle ugly memories. Don was a really great father and a great character. I also thought there were the right amount of light funny, humorous moments to balance the heavy tones of the story. The pet was a nice little addition to the story but didn't overshadow the main characters.