I'm not writer, I'm a proud reader.
I love reading. I read all kinds of books. I've gone through all kinds of phases starting with all of the great standards, Charlotte's Web,  Harriet the Spy, Sounder and Adventures of Yellow Dog. Despite school trying to make reading a punishment I kept reading. I remember
classic mystery period, Agatha Christie, P.D. James and Rex Stout. Then my modern detective phase Lawrence Block, Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell and so on. Then I was obsessed over paranormal romance, there was Kelly Armstrong, JR Ward and The queen bee Christine Freehan to name a few. I was completely addicted to them. I've gone through a Western/Cowboy phase, devoured a crazy amount of hard-science Science Fiction, never liked fantasy and read some of the best of the chick-flick in the world. For five years I tried to read all of the award winning novels and I wanted to beat Oprah to of her best titles.

 Nowadays I'm seriously into M/M Romance. In all that time I never had to justify what I was reading. I never had to explain why I liked what I liked. People would just ask what are you reading, I'd answer and that was that. Now all of a sudden I have to justify why I'm reading what I was reading. Even more annoying when I tell people what I'm reading I usually get a little smirk. I think to myself, right they don't approve, and then I think who cares! But it's too late, I'm annoyed. I mean come on, I don't judge people by what they read and it would never occur to ask them to explain why they like what they like.


Well not anymore! I'm going to stand tall, be proud and say I'm reading Man/Man Romance right here, right now!  AND no more justifications smirks be damned!