Six - Tara Spears

Six is a sweet cute little story about two single man raising children. I. normally try to avoid babies and children in my stories.  Let me tell the world there were a lot of babies & kids in this read.  I can say from experience all of the kindergarten scenes were spot on.
This was what I call a "light" read. Things happen at a quick pace and problems were solved - done. I do wish it wasn't such an extreme case of insta-love. The getting to know you stage was really interesting and should have lasted maybe six or seven months.
  Yes, sometimes when a couple breaks up one person loses all the friends and It's sad but are you telling me no one person was there for Angelo. Oh and I detested the use of the word BRAT. I can barely stand it when referred to children.  This whole thing had a new writer feel to it. It also had a good, solid base, I feel if this writer keeps working, keeps taking advice and learning we might have some really good reads in our future.