Too Easy for Me

Honky Tonk - Rain Carrington

Okay Honky Tonk is a nice little book. A nice little story. The problem is this author has some great ideas but has not been able to follow through. It's one of those books that makes me realize  I'm not a writer because I'm not detail oriented.  That's a big part of what it takes be good an amazing writer.  This is nice writing. This might be something I could write and that's not particularly good. Carter was a very interesting and wasted character but the two Main Characters just kind of fell in place and their problems and challenges are too easily handled & solved. 

Giving characters foibles and phobias and normal every day attributes helps make the characters well-rounded. Once you commit to these little challenges you have to follow through, they become a part of that character. So the phobia in the story was totally unnecessary because they never really dealt with it. It was insulting to the reader and frustrating.

Again, I'm not a detail oriented person so for me to find many, many editing errors was totally unacceptable. The club scenes, the ranch life, the Honky-Tonk bar all had great  potential for the writer to create a strong sense of place but instead chances became flat missed opportunities.

There are sequels to this story and I don't know if I'll read them. I'm curious but I don't know if I'm really that curious.