IT Worked For ME!

Head-on - John Inman

Head On to me is cliché ridden and completely predictable.

Wait a minute, sometimes when I get sucked in I feel like: What's wrong with predictable?


The character Squirt is one of the sweetest, most angelic characters I've read in a long time he kept making me smile. The flipside was watching the angst Gordon puts himself through while he deals with the horrific accident HE caused was heart wrenching. He was self-loathing and  so completely self-destructive.


 I stayed up late into the night to finish this book and see how Gordon would find his redemption and how Squirt could find peace or himself or solid ground. Oddly enough knowing how predictable this book was I was still on the edge of my seat worrying that suddenly the writer would take a left turn in and do something unpredictable to these characters.

I hear birds I guess it's time to go to bed now and I'll sleep feeling satisfied.