Back on the Ranch

Love Means... No Limits (Farm, #9) - Andrew  Grey

Okay sometimes Andrew Grey makes me crazy but when it comes to his Farm series he's pretty dependable. And the Farm series is perfect for summer reading. This time around we meet Bart and Tyrone the total screw-up and the righteous, lonely manager of the ranch. We stick to the regular story line and we see some of our past lovers.


I was a bit disappointed Grey still doesn't integrate past characters into a scene completely. Robbie was there but he said maybe one word. A page or two about the past characters when they are around would continue to keep them interesting and well, alive on the page. How's Duane handling Arie's out of town? So why and when did Joey and Robbie move out and do they still work at the ranch? By the way, what does Geoff's do with himself everyday? Don't get me wrong I got what I expected but now I'm wanting more.


He did handle Jakey better and Eli becomes wiser each book.