The Rapture of Canaan

The Rapture of Canaan - Sheri Reynolds I tried this book because of its long shelf life. I had no other motivation to read it and I was very apprehensive. Twice I thought about not finishing the book then something would happen and I’d be hooked again. This is the story of ‘The Fire & Brimstone Church’ and its members. They all live a self imposed life cloistered from the rest of the world in a quest for God. The entire story is seen from the eyes of a fifteen year old girl. She is very progressive in her thinking yet still a true believer of the faith. The author captures everyone’s point of view, good and bad. What makes the story so strong is that it takes place in the present day yet it could have happened anytime. I found out the day I completed the novel that this was another of Oprah’s featured books. I was a little shocked at the ending but I can accept it.