Keeping House (Truth or Dare)

Keeping House - Lee Brazil Okay,this should have been a really good read for me but I was left so disappointed.It had everything to be a winner. The list of missed opportunities are many:

-Older man, younger man - mentioned once, never dealt with.
-Thee whole punk hair and metal - why? was it all to piss of his brothers or did it mean some more.
-The shy female - wasted chance to make us care and understand this interesting character.
- The brothers who can't keep their hands of each other. Oh that really burned my butt because I wanted to hear their story.
- Sexual history before sex goods good...HISTORY WHAT AM I THINKING?
- How did the rest of the world except this union.
-AND kind of crazy ass ending was that??? KIDS???

Every interesting point in this story was glossed over so fast it made me long for Carole Lynn. At least when she makes life too easy you still get a complete story. There was just too much fluff!