Force of Law

Force of Law - Jez Morrow What? I found myself saying that frequently while reading Force of Law. What is Tom talking about? What was Tom afraid of when Law wants some loving? But most of the time I just wanted to know what he did with his balls? IMO at times it felt like Jez Morrow was writing a F/M romance. Now I have nothing against F/M romance but if I wanted to read one I'd buy one. Law was fine as a big strong, I-know-what-I-want-and-I-get-it kind of guy but Tom was so weak and at time "girlie" Law came across as a classic Harlequin billionaire. Character building was touched at. The whole thing with Wells was silly and what about the women Tom slept with, did he like them? Did Tom walk down the street discreetly checking out guys? Laws' family was very interesting if not predictable.

AND the page setting was terrible for me to notice. I'm normally not that picky but what???