Cake (Blood Nation, #1)

Cake (Blood Nation, #1) - Derekica Snake Okay first you must remember this is fiction. Second its over-to-top vampire fiction and vampires are not all like the new modern all-I-need-is-my-mate-and-I'll-be-a-good-guy vampires that are out there. Derekica Snake created vampire who are capable of great cruelty and intense, chaotic love.
Marcus is a wonderful mess. Learning to know him is interesting.
Claudius was kinda yummy.
Xavier annoying TO ME in the first half of the book but the stronger he got the more I enjoyed him.
Shade was a strange smartass.

I hated the cliffhanger thing but I had fun with the story. Yes, there were some silly, bordering on ridiculous sections but I didn't take it all so serious and had a fun read.