My Last Entry - This is Where I Leave You

This Is Where I Leave You - Jonathan Tropper

I am done with BOOKLIKES. It does nothing but freeze, is slow as molasses in winter and gives me a headache. Thanks to all you book buddies out there. I hope to see you at Goodreads or in a bookstore. 


 This is Where I Leave You is a hilarious book. I don't normally go for humor this is one of the funniest and touching books I'd ever read. The patriarch of a Jewish family has died and the family is asked to sit shiva for seven days and so the story begins. Judd Foxman leads us on a winding meandering, sometimes bumpy and always an insightful path to the end of this complicated family event. Each one of the siblings had their own unique style of hilarity that added to each situation, in fact, I think the scenes when the whole family is together are the most moving, honest and the funny moments. Despite being 400 pages this book moves quickly. There are lots of heartfelt emotional flashes as Judd confronts the past he's had with his estranged wife, their painful attempts to become parents, some school friends, and with the woman, from his past, he could still have. Each character added color to this story's canvas. The mother was insanely entertaining and watching the siblings disconnect and reconnect was a thrill. Tropper created a vast array of visiting mourning characters that just kept the story moving, each well-rounded, well-written and invariably entertaining. In my opinion, Tropper used shiva with grace and respect always slipping the beauty and reverence of the ritual in on the readers and his characters. Did I mention this book was hilarious?