Not Perfect But Sweet

Vincent's Thanksgiving Date - R. Cooper

Vincent's Thanksgiving Date by B Cooper is a short moment in time leading up to Thanksgiving in Vincent's life. A change can happen if he could just pluck up the courage this once and let it happen. He meets Cory who is a gentle, adorable, little neighbor who sees something in Vincent and is willing to gently, ease his anxieties while getting under Vincent's skin. This tale is low on the 'hot-o-meter' Cooper chose instead to focus on character interaction to tell the story. Now to be honest I thought the ending was a bit abrupt but I understood why Cooper ended it there. The tale would have worked so well if it'd had more time to become a full-length novel. I liked these characters enough I wanted to see a lot more. Another sweet little plus is that Corey was 'of color' and to be honest, it's always refreshing in this genre to have characters of many cultures and races together. It shouldn't be a big deal.