A Joy To Read.

Rattlesnake - Kim Fielding

Rattlesnake is a wonderful Kim Fielding story. No bells, no whistles, just solid character development and a palpable sense of place that skirts the line between bleakness and natural beauty. Shane is a lovely gentle, wounded character. He's a man who lives his life in pain but he doesn't thankfully wallow. Jimmy, a lifelong drifter is the one who learns over the span of this book how to be a real part of the real world. How to exist.  Many times I found myself getting misty because of the honest, simple passion between these two men. Another plus for me was the fact that I was reading about men not boys. It made both their characters far more interesting. Sex was not something Fielding used to fill the pages and thankfully nothing was rushed. This story unfolded right before my eyes. Booyah, that's why I read!