The Soup Bible - Debra Mayhew

There were seven participants in this research. We attacked this book with gusto! We came away with the feeling that the book was pretty and had a good collection of soups but if you’re a serious cook you could do better and the groupings were not to our liking and there really should have been way more suggested substitute ideas with the soups. Best Soup - Oyster Soup, and it was the easiest.
‘Stock making & Garnishes’ was short but important to the coming recipes.
‘Light & Refreshing Soups’ - None of us were interested in of them.
‘Rich & Creamy’ – We made nine of them. The standouts were Fresh Green Pea St. German, Butternut with Horseradish Cream, and Cream of Celery Root and Spinach.
‘Warming Winter’ – We made nine of them. The winners were Leek, Parsnip & Ginger, Onion & Pancetta, and Spicy Peanut.
‘Hearty Lunch & Supper’-We made nine of them. The winners were Smoked Haddock & Potato, Plantain & Corn, and Ribollita.
‘One Pot Meal’ – Here is where there were some bummers, The Mulligatawny was boring. Chicken Chayote had no information on how to handle a Chayote. Spinach & Lemon with Meatballs turned an odd color. The Winner was Seafood Laksa.
‘Special Occasions’- Honestly made little sense. Those soups should have been incorporated into the other chapters.