One Tough, Funny Ride

Shaken  - J.A. Konrath

The Jack Daniels series is not for the weak reader. There will be some graphic scenes and tough situations but what makes these some of the best books in this genre is wonderful fast-paced writing and the ridiculously funny moments that happen along the way. This story takes three points in Jack's life that are masterfully mingled, that's saying something because I normally detest flashbacks of any kind but these work. Jack's three men are front and center and in rare form. Harry McGlade was perfect every time he opened his mouth, Herb was the man I want at my back. his scene in the car with Jackie was priceless. Phin is the best man for Jackie...ever! I was grossed out. I was utterly engaged. I cried. I laughed my rump off. I was not happy with the kind of cliffhanger ending but I'm on board for the long haul. Lugubrious will from now on have a secret funny new meaning.