Third Time's the Charm

The Starving Years - Jordan Castillo Price

September 26, 2016-Third time's the charm! I knew I was missing something the first two times I read this book. So this time, I tried it on Audible. Much better, so much better. I was able to follow the story in this form and I could enjoy the pacing. I could now appreciate Jordan Castillo Price's strong, entertaining writing style . I still disliked every time Maryanne opened her mouth. But overall listening to this book was a huge success.


October 18, 2014 - This rarely happens to me, I've read the same book twice. The first time I read The Starving Years I was ill, highly medicated and it didn't totally jibe with me at the time. I assumed it was the drugs. I really like The PsyCop series and loved HEMOVORE but alas I didn't like the Starving Years. That kind of bums me out because I really wanted to like it. I think for me the problem for me is it read like a well-done action, politically intriguing, medical/ corporate the terrorism story and I wanted more of a love story. I mean, I guess, I like great plot wrapped around a good love story. Don't get me wrong, this is a really well-done, fast-paced, enjoyable story just not what I wanted to read. It could be translated into a film and do extremely well. Jordan Castillo Price is a very talented writer. She can create that 'Twilight Zone' quality thrill feeling in her stories. That's a real gift, lots of writers try it and fall flat. This just wasn't what I wanted. I really found each one of the characters interesting in their own right. I just did not want to read this story. On second thought, on audio - books on tape, this would really rock.