Not What I Expected

The Copper Horse: Fear - K.A. Merikan

 I feel like anything I say is a keeping it simple,  I was totally captivated by this odd tale about a man with a horse fetish. From the blurb I expected this to be a terrifyingly, horror story. Yes, there are Zombies but so far they don't play a huge role in the story.  Steampunk which is not my thing but this was enjoyable because it wasn't overwhelming.  Yup, it wasn't a deep, dark story. I kinda felt like it was an interesting variation on an odd kick. Master Erick is quirky man and his horse, Reuben/Copper is a major screw-up if you ask me. The secondary characters are well done and I hope they're all in the next installment that I have to read because I'm so curious where Merikan is going to go with this story.