I Unapologeticly Loved This Story

The Weight Of It All - N.R. Walker

There are very few authors out there who when they release a book I drop everything and read it. Well, NR Walker is one of those few. Henry has been dumped in a cruel way. His growing waistline plays a major factor in the breakup and his self-worth. Enter Reed a personal trainer and off we go. I can't believe just how humorous Henry is. I really laughed and connected to his angst and joys through his wickedly fast quips. Reed is a solid character for Henry work off as well as a gaggle of wonderfully fun secondary characters. Walker was ballsy to pick a subject matter that's so familiar to most of us. There are very few people who haven't struggled with some kind of self-improvement, we all know what it feels like and still The Weight of it All was a fun, enjoyable book. A character with a weight problem in a romance book...Thank you...I love it!