Oh How I Laughed

Femme - Marshall Thornton

FEMME was funny and still told a story. I loved this ride and my friends know how hard it is for me to find something that does both for me. Lionel is someone I would describe as femme with moxie and not a flake. Dog is beefcake with brains without a clue. When they're together their differences seem too big but you know how life is. They work. I found all the secondary characters were fine and helped keep this tale moving. I did wish there had been a publishing choice to highlight which POV we were reading. Marshall Thornton didn't use sex as a filler. We got a story. Why five stars? When I take the local to have more unobstructed reading time because a book has sucked me in and I'm laughing out loud not caring who I interrupt, that's five stars.

Best Line: So few of us are truly who we are.