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Salads (Midi Cookbook Series) - Jane Price

We felt the Main Course Salads were pretty but we had to double some ingredients to feed a family of four. Seasonings/spices were standards and rarely reached outside the box. There were no alternatives to most dishes. Most people can’t just run to the store and buy snow pea sprouts. What can cooks use instead? We made 26 recipes these are some our results. Lemon vinaigrette – yum! Panzanella was a winner. Greek Salad was missing the Anchovies. Coleslaw used radishes, good addition. Tabbouleh & the Fattoush were both a bit bland. We fixed it. Asparagus orange salad was successful. Avocado & grapefruit salad was a winner with all our friends. Mushroom & goat’s cheese salad yum. Roasted fennel & orange salad was a happy surprise. Roast duck salad with chili dressing stellar. Vietnamese Chicken Salad good basic that we will use again with our own alternative Classic Caesar was ballsy using raw eggs. I expect a good writer to encourage readers to get eggs from reputable sellers to avoid raw egg issues.