Laughed Like Crazy

Shot of Tequila - A Jack Daniels Thriller - J.A. Konrath

I can't believe how much I love the way this writer writes the Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels series. They’re just plain fun to read. I can’t get enough and I’m like being an addict trying not to suck each book down without stopping to breathe. JA Konrath creates situations so hard and dark you have no choice but to notice the ugly humor in the situations and that's not an easy feat to achieve. Each character is interesting, ugly, necessary, and funny as hell. This time we predominately follow a hard, bad guy, Tequila I wanted to survive the crap storm that was trying to suck him down, good bad-guys I love it! Daniels was tough as always. When she appears it’s full-blown powerfully enjoyable fun. If there are any flaws…I Don’t Care! This was so much fun.