The Drafter - Kim Harrison

I’ve got to break this one down bit-by-bit.

*This really could and should have taken place today. There wasn’t much of a difference in this future.

*Peri is still a blank slate and annoying after 400 pages.

*I kept getting lost and confused.

*I liked Detroit as the drop city. I also really, REALLY liked Silas. I like him enough that I finished the book. I’m proud of Kim Harrison for starting a new series.

*Cliffhanger…really?!?!? It didn’t make me want to read more, it just made me very mad! Now for the sad truth, I hated this book more than anyone can image. I wanted to stop reading over and over again but because I’m a fan of Harrison I couldn’t give up. I just didn’t like Peri and I wanted her to die…fast! Why two stars? Harrison's writing was pleasurable to read. I just hated the protagonist!