Getting Better But Still Lite

The Beta's Test: M/M & M/M/M/M/M Werewolf Pack Alpha/Beta/Omega Romance (The Protection of the Pack Book 3) - Dessa Lux

This was a fun way to end this series and in my opinion, the best because Lux invested a solid amount of time exploring and developing Nick’s character. Brody was an excellent counterpoint for Nick but we didn’t really get a deep look at all of Brody-bummer. The little mystery could have been handled with more care but I guess this is all there is and the ending was abrupt if you ask me. I didn’t get why they did what they did. This was fun don’t get me wrong, I never looked away from the page and that’s a good thing. I’m wondering if Lux has it in her to become a stronger writer. This definitely gave me a hint that she could if…


The Protection of the Pack #4 is really part of #3. It is too aimless to stand alone. So I'll treat it as such.