We're Not Alone!

Alien Honor (A Fenris Novel) - Vaughn Heppner

Well, this is my fourth book by Vaughan Heppner so I guess this makes me a fan.  He gives me what I want and need from a science fiction. I need a protagonist who I can follow, root for, and trust that no matter how rough things get they’re going to live to fight another day. That for me is a breaking point for me – No Joke! Cyrus fills those boots for me in this amusing start of a new series. He uses his street smarts to survive various bad guys in space and that is no easy feat. The pace is fast and even. We’re not overwhelmed with science jargon; we’re given just enough to know what’s going on.  Another choice Heppner made was the way the large meetings with lots of characters was written to make it easy for the reader to track who said what. There is a cliffhanger but it was inevitable and considering how much I dislike them this one was handled very well. Oh, I love Skar!