Better Than the First

A Hunted Man - Jaime Reese

Now, this makes me happy, even though I had some serious problems with the first installment in this series I am totally on board now. Jamie Reese has devised a way to incorporate characters from past books and introduce perspective MCs at the same time in an acceptable, honest style. This reads like a real series. Matt, Julian, and Sam welcome Cameron into the Halfway House. Hunter enters the picture bringing with him a bevy of characters good and bad that are woven into the fabric of this series. Reece needs to be careful this is my third read and I've noticed the more the couples connect the"smaller" one lover gets. Cam started out "just under six feet, thin, right amount of muscle." Suddenly Hunter could pick him up and carry him around like he was a tiny woman. A Hunted Man had story development over sex as a filler, good show.