Stuck In the Middle

Crash (Westside Wolf Pack) - Zoe Perdita

This was right in the middle a 2-star and a 4-star for me. There are things I enjoyed about Crash and things that were totally frustrating.
Positives: I thought Ben was a spunky character and Axel was a classic 'I'd die for you' character. They were sweet together. The bad guys were bad and the good guys were good. These MCs on the run was nothing new but it still worked. I loved Ben's parents, I wanted more of the family life and pack life. The younger MC's were not a turn-off.
Negatives: Perdita used the titles Alpha and Omega so many times I got angry and almost stopped reading the whole thing a few times. No Joke. If I'd been playing the drinking game I'd have suffered from alcohol poisoning by the fifth chapter. Now that wasn't even as used as much as 'the taller man/wolf' and 'the shorter man/wolf'. Just use their names, his or he. OMG, and the flashbacks every other chapter were prime frustrating. Just tell the darn story in chronological order