Ethan, Run!

Wayward (The Wayward Pines Series, Book Two) - Blake Crouch

It's been a long, long time since I've loved hating a character as much as I hate Pam. Kudos for writing a totally dislikable being. Overall I think this was a "just right" follow-up to Pines and a compelling setup for the last installment in this trilogy The Last Town. Ethan is still just trying to have his family safe, do the right thing, and survive all at the same time. There are times I don't like his wife because I want her to be stronger and tougher, less of a stereotypical girl about things. Blake Crouch, in my opinion, is exceptional at creating a strong sense of place and his descriptive skills are spot-on always striking a complete mood. I was happy with the flashbacks. They were cohesively worked into the story without disruption.