Some Good, Some Bad

Otter Chaos - P.D. Singer

For me, his is one of those two-sided books.
One Side: the book needs to be shortened and the writing & ideas needed to be streamlined. Some scenes were so overwritten I got confused who was doing what. The snowboarding scenes were written like we all know the sport, a sport that has its own lingo and style. In his human form, Lon himself was too odd at times to be cute. His behavior at times was so polar opposite from itself I got annoyed with him. I still don't really understand what the wolves wanted. Corey was as at times bumbling but at least he admitted he sucked as a tough guy. I couldn't stand knowing they had a 'secret' everyone figures out. Why was Lon so against questions? Couldn't his family have helped Corey? Heck yes! What was so important Lon wouldn't share information with Corey?
The Other Side: When Lon was in otter form I adored him. His thoughts made me feel like the as I hope some animals might think about us and the world around them. Corey was a compassionate partner. I was intrigued how he learned, accepted,and understood how to live with and love a shifter.