Tough But Good Story

The Innocent Auction - Story Perfect Editing Services, Victoria  Sue

          Okay, this is just my opinion...If Victoria Sue was a perfect writer this would have been unreadable because of the pain, sadness, and just plain cruelty people can inflict on one another historically in the name of moral correctness. She used punishments from this era that are usually just touched on but thankfully not often explored in this genre.
               Tom a boy is saved from what we might now call a sex slavery situation by Deacon, Viscount Carlisle while he's trying to save his childhood friend Beau. We don't really get to know Beau but we all know a Beau and that makes his life all the more infuriating. Beau's character was the catalyst that made this story move.
            There's an HEA and lord how I needed it. It was a tough read but I'm glad I read it. I expect more from this writer.