I Loved It

The World As He Sees It - A.M. Arthur

or me, myself & I this was AM Arthur at her best. Tristan, a broken man who we met in the first book in this series is reintroduced to Gabe, the son of the owners of Big Dicks. Right off the bat this story flows. You want to push Tristan into his next hurdle but you don't want him hurt either. A.M. Arthur does not depend on sex to fill the story. Nope, there was well-rounded character and plot development, yeah! The sex when it happened was as hot as a tin roof in summer. Yes, it was steamy. I also felt the care for safe-sex was well done. I love that Arthur chose to write Tristan as a man who knows not to waste his time being jealous or having a pity party at this stage in his life. Gabe's job is not something he'll waste time bitching and moaning about. Gabe is as complex as Tristan, so for me, the story was interesting from all sides. Arthur also did a good job integrating characters from a previous book into this story with a purpose. They weren't just tossed in the mix for show.