Odd but Interesting

Joey and the Fox - Hollis Shiloh

Hollis Shiloh is one of those authors that I like and respect, even if I don't like everything they write. Wel,l this is Joey and the Fox and I have to say it was a very odd read. I couldn't figure out at the end of each chapter where Hollis was going with this story. Joey was an interesting character in himself. <spoiler> A hard-core heterosexual man who really was gay even though he didn't know it.</Spoiler> Then there is the Fox Dylan, now that was a fascinating character. He is a strange and unique man who could be very unmanly, childlike, and adult all at the same time. This character had been used, abused and misunderstood in life until now. Possibly finding the puzzle piece that he fit into. I didn't enjoy the first the installment in this series I skipped the second book, I tried this one and it was just fine for me. Again Shiloh made some interesting the choices here; The simple, straightforward story  of Joey & The Fox