Beautiful Music

Imperfect Harmony - Jay Northcote

Imperfect Harmony was a very sweet, warm, sad heartfelt story without being mushy or over-the-top. I really, really adored both of the main characters for different reasons. Rhys was young and had had the earth pulled out from under him but he got over that poor me stage. Built a life for himself, adorable. John who is older had the earth pulled out from under him too and even though he walled himself up for two years it was engaging watching him pull his head out of the sand. He too was adorable.  Jay Northcote told this without soapy anguish and yes I had a misty moment. What she created for her characters, their pain and fears were quite appropriate. I did want more of the setting/village integrated into the story but that's just me. The dogs and secondary characters were good for the story.