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Rack & Ruin - Charlie Cochet

I need to escape from the crap in my real life and this series is taking me to a wild, silly, fun place. Yippee, we got a longer look at the shifted Therians and I still didn't get enough. I love the thought of super cops who can become large animals running down the streets of NYC. Cool, right?!?!?  The sex is hot but it's all these characters interaction that floats my boat. In fact, there's a glossary of characters because there are so many more of them but it's fun when they're all together and yakking at each other, it's hysterical. Dex makes me laugh...a lot! We're getting more of the history of the First Generation Therian. We get more of Ash and Sloane's early life.  Ash and Cael are the sweetest. I know we'll learn their story soon. Calvin & Hobbs are got-a-be lovers soon!