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Beneath the Stain - Amy Lane

I'm an Amy Lane fan. She has always offered me fascinating imaginative and creative stories. Well, I bought Beneath the Stain without reading the blurb and that’s how I ended up with a book featuring two subjects I avoid, young MC and rock musicians. Mackey, Grant, the brothers and Travis were all intriguing characters that navigate small town life to the start of big time stardom. There were female characters that ranged from lovable to detestable.
Now, in my opinion, I’d say Lane used every possible plot device in these 450 pages. More than a few times I was overwhelmed, depressed, bummed, freaked and a few times about to stop reading altogether. It was the strength of the characters and the way she laid them so open and raw I felt I had to stick it out with them. I was very satisfied with the ending but it was a long hard fought battle to get there.