Simply The BEST

Footfall - Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle

1995 - The first and best Science Fiction I ever read. I loved every second.

2016 - I thought it was time for a revisit to one of the best books I'd ever read and the book that taught me 'big & busy' was nothing to fear when picking a book. The cast of characters were many. Wes Dawson is wonderful, one character makes me mist up near the end, we're offered better female characters from Niven, there are aliens I could hate and even care about a few. A word of note to readers: When 'Archangel Michael' is launched give yourself a large hunk of time to sit and let the momentum build to the end. It's worth it! This was originally published in 1985 and I didn't feel like this was a dated story at all because people are just people.
I want to give this three more stars for standing the test of time and making me want to skip work to read.