Too Much

A Bear Walks Into a Bar - Eden Winters

Sometimes when I notice chatter about a certain book or author on various book sites I just read the book without researching what the book is about and what everyone thinks about it. Well I like Eden Winters and her other shifter read Naked Tails was one of the most fun, memorable books I'd read that year. Well A Bear Walks Into a Bar had all of the potential a book could have for me to love but - I hate when I have to say this - Christ on a Cracker there was way, way, way too much sex. If there had been as much story and character development as sex I would have been on board. I would have backed Winters unflinchingly for all times but when I think 'please no more' its too much sex. When I take a break a 50% and read something else then finish A Bear, its too darn much sex. Wait, what make that so annoying is Winters writes a good, solid sex scene. I loved the Bear, Wolf, Fox, Elk dynamic. I wanted to see how they all survive the new type of pack hierarchy they developed. I will read my next Eden Winters book with pride but this one was too much for this lusty reader