Saving Kane - Michele M. Rakes

This is one of the most flawed books I’ve ever read and I can’t lie. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed Saving Kane. Right off the bat I was rooting for both characters to find some peace because I really liked them. Wait here it comes the truth, they were at times amazingly stupid and I felt like I was reading a script for a “B” movie. Ugly things happen to them and the nastiness in their world was double gross and kept coming. Oh and the butt sex was scary because well, Ouch! The feeding tube and the beer was just mind boggling and I actually openly admitted I was suspending realistic thinking. Wait now for the seriously crazy part. Despite all that I could not stop reading it. I had to know how it was going to end. Yes, if there had been some intense editing and fierce critiquing at a meeting in a fierce writing group this could have and would have been tops. There were just so many – ‘oh stop’ moments. (Don’t tell anyone but I could not and would not look away.)