Chill Out Read

One Step Further (The Memories Series Book 2) - Felice Stevens

One Step Further is one of those books I bought and have no memory of why or who referred me to it and so on. So I gave it a try. I was expecting to be disappointed and I wasn't. It's a very simple, basic love story. Rafe & Alex have mutual friends and continued to bump into each other while their friendship developed. They both are broken in their own personal ways. I enjoyed the secondary characters. It almost  came close to being melodramatic but stopped just before it was too schmaltzy. It's unbelievably rare for me not to read a book from the series in order but it happened. I was not lost. Stevens used NYC as the backdrop very well. 

If you asked me I would say this is something you read when you need to chill. The right book for the right mood.