Shelter - Ashley John

There were some wonderful things a about this story. I felt it was at its strongest the first half. Making us understand and care for Elias James and believe me I rooted for that man to survive. I waffled a few times with Caden Walker. He came across at times too much of a 'Pollyanna' for me but I wanted them to be happy and left alone. The slight problems for me was in the second half of the story that came perilously close to melodrama. I was
not satisfied with why the Mayor was so hard? Ashely John didn't use sex as a filler and that made Elias' moments learning about passion doubly sweet.
I like and wanted more of Caden's family and wish the whole story had moved slower. So why am I being so picky? It's because I really liked the book and for the most part Ashely John's writing and ideas. Careful, the only character who was black was the drug dealer. I assume that's why he had an Afro.