A Miss For Me

Getting It Right (The Restoration Series) - A.M. Arthur

First, I love AM Arthur.
That being said I have to say Getting It Right was a hot mess. Right off the bat I had a hard time liking these two hard luck lovers. They were the poster children for angsty, drama queens and I like angst a lot. There were just too many hurtles for them to jump. OMG, and James' mother, what a waste of space. And the mystery should have propelled the story. Instead it felt like an after thought. I just stopped caring and only finished because I love AM Arthur and I know you can't win 'em all.
Don't get me wrong. I will read the next in this series because I do love the way Arthur integrates past and future characters into the story in the most realistic entertaining way.



Spoiler: What happened to the kid who wouldn't eat?