One of Her Best

Stand By You - A.M. Arthur

Stand By You is the third in The Belonging series and in my opinion, the best in the series. This time we get Romy and Brennan’s story. At the end of book #2 we discovered that Romy had been seriously abused by Carlos and the guys get together and rescue him. This is about his survival, healing, growing, strengthening, and loving. AM Arthur did not rush the story. She took the time to let these characters think, try, fail, and finally succeed. There is angst but not too much or should I say it's all appropriate for the situations. Integrating characters from past stories and introducing us to characters who will be in the next stories or another series was very well done.

I did have one major pet peeve and that’s about the cover. On the cover the two MCs look about the same size. But in the book their story hinges on the fact that they are total physical opposites. That drove me nuts! I think it'll be OK to have a big gorgeous black guy on the cover. It will still sell and if it doesn’t, Shame!