Warm & Toasty

The Boy Who Came In From the Cold - B.G. Thomas

Todd is seriously down on his luck. Gabriel has been there, done that and survived. The two of them meet on a stormy, snowy night and each take a chance on the other. Todd has a lot of growing to do. Gabriel has a lot of hang-ups to get over. One of the things I really enjoyed about The Boy Who Came in From the Cold was there was drama but it was never over-the-top or melodramatic. Author B.G. Thomas didn't depend on overly flowery sex to fill in the story. There is enough character development for it to stand on its own. In fact if the sex had been fade-to-black I think it still would have worked. Todd had some very funny moments that were entertaining and I have to be honest Todd's cooking made me want to eat all the time.